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News 29/05/05: I have completed all 11 tracks of "Precision Movements".
News 30/05/05: Mastering of "Precision Movements" completed.
News 28/07/05: All artwork for "Precision Movements" has been designed and complete, now preparing project for replication.
News 10/09/05: Replication of "Precision Movements" has started, album to be released in November 2005
News 11/09/05: I have submitted some photos, an interview and a new track from the forthcoming album to "Sequences" magazine.
"Virtual Faces" will be released on a compilation CD which will accompany the new format magazine (issue 31) which will be published soon.

News 02/10/05: "Precision Movements" CD has been added to the Album section with some new track samples.
News 19/10/05: I can now confirm the release date of "Precision Movements" as 5th November 2005.

News 05/11/05: "Precision Movements" CD is released and available from today - thanks to everyone who has ordered their copy - enjoy!
Sales of the new album have been brisk & promotional copies have been well received.
I am very pleased that CUE-RECORDS in Germany will now be stocking the full catalogue.

News: 03/09/06: I became a dad today to a wonderful daughter "Vienna".

She is named after the city of music and culture and inspiration from "Billy Currie" of Ultravox.


News: 15/04/07: Work on new material ongoing.


News 03/02/08: I am pleased to announce that I am in the process of re-mastering all previous "Corporation" albums for Adam Britton.

The first re-release of "Breed" is now available on Musiczeit


News 13/03/10: I am now on Myspace with a selection of full tracks available to listen.


News 20/11/16: Released today on Bandcamp as a digital album, "Eulogy" and the single "Davnia".


News 15/10/17: All albums now available on Bandcamp as digital albums.

When I have more news available, I will post it here.
Once again many thanks.

Kevin Bate.